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MPSA 2018

Meant to make a post announcing I would be attending the 2018 MPSA Conference, so, here it is late noting I attended. I’ve also updated the website with updated CV, added dissertation tab to organize all things related to dissertation work, and a few other updates on research.


SPSA 2017

My paper co-authored with Michael Peress, “Voter Placement of Candidate Ideology: A Test of Competing Theories” was recently accepted for presentation at the Southern Political Science Association 2017 conference. It will be on the panel “Ideology and Issues”, chaired by Michael D. Martinez.

APSA 2016

I have updated the research page with the version of “Looking for a Fight? Conflict Avoidance and Responses to Uncivil Politics” to be presented at the APSA 2016 conference in Philadelphia.

I will be in the “Partisan War and Peace in a Polarized World” panel on Thursday, September 1 at 2:00 to 3:00 PM.

Women Also Know Stuff


So often while planning a conference, brainstorming a list of speakers, or searching for experts to cite or interview, it can be difficult to think of any scholars who aren’t male. We’ve all been there… you just know that a woman has got to be studying that topic… but who?

This site is intended to provide an easily accessible database of female experts in a variety of areas.

This site was created and is maintained by political scientists and, as such, focuses on politics, policy, and government, but also on methods in the social sciences. (We’re certain that women know stuff in other fields too, though! )

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Some Updates

So, first, finally got a picture of myself on the front page. It’s an older picture, but I have fortunately not changed that much so it’s relatively accurate. For reference, it’s from a study abroad trip to Spain from a few years back. Will attempt to get more recent picture eventually.

In other news, I also updated “Current Research” and “Teaching” to reflect some updates. First, have some projects in development with both Stanley Feldman and Michael Peress at Stony Brook. Good thing about writing papers for classes is sometimes you stumble onto an actual good idea.

The second thing is we’re starting the process of figuring out the class schedule for the 2016-2017 school year. As a second year graduate student I’m on the cusp of teaching: just got to pass the qualifying exams in January and June. Presuming that happens I am currently assigned to teach an Introduction to American  Government class in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Considering that we’ll be in the throes of the general election in the Fall semester, I’m hoping it’ll be an interesting class.

If anyone has any advice on teaching a class such as that, I would greatly appreciate it.

Introductory Post

So, figured that since I’m going on this whole academic road thing, and since APSA is pushing for greater outreach and media usage among political scientists, figured starting up a website would be useful. Main thing is going to be posting research and teaching stuff as all that begins to start up. I may, however, take advantage of the blogging to talk about political science stuff from time to time. Whenever I can think of something at least.

I have also realized by my lack of pictures here I seriously need to get some up to date pictures of myself. So for now, no images of myself.